Sunday, 17 April 2011

Driving The SV-10 Alcyon II Ultimate

 I managed to test the Ultimate on friday night at titwangsa track in Kuala lumpur. it rained a few hours earlier so the track was cold, but mostly dry. Traction wasnt very high as there was very very little amount of tyre dust in the body after 3 packs.
With the new suspension, the car feels like it has a little more steering than before. It was very stable, but can slide at certain sections of the track, i beleive this is becuase i was using 40R tyres and the traction wasnt very high. But overall the car was very easy to drive, and braking was very stable once the tyres warmed up.
I did face a few problems though, at one time on the long straight the car suddenly went straight and wasnt controllable, it flew right into the middle grass barrier.
When i picked it up, i found that the rear shock tower came off from the bulkhead, it seemed like, since the turnbuckles are now very high, and the antiroll bars hard, the force of the suspension compressing tranfers it to the shock tower.
So now i used 14mm long screws instead of the original 10mm long to secure the shock tower to the bulkhead. Also the front kingpin loosened a few times, need to use threadlock here.

I then brought the car home, and re set the suspension with a thinner anti roll bar for the back, leaving the droop alone. For the front, i reduced the droop by shortening front shock by 0.5mm, previously 64.5mm, now 64mm.
then i rebalanced the cars wheel weights.
Tried it at glenmarie track on sunday, which is high traction tighter track. Once the tyres warmed up, the car handled very well, as well as before the upgrade, it was tough to tell if there is an improvement, but it felt like it worked well with the reduced droop, something the older suspension was not capable off. I also did notice  a little more steering at lower speeds.
Overall was really happy with the car, and i ran an impromptu test against a Yokomo BD5-E at the track. My Alcyon II Ultimate proved to be a formidable contender eventhough equipment wise i was overmatched.
Here is the list of equipment the other driver was using
Yokomo BD-5E (2010)
Sanwa M11X radio
Savox servo
Orca 6000mah 55C batteries
Orca ESC with turbo and Orca 10.5T motor

My equipment
Kawada Alcyon II Ultimate (2002)
Sanwa MX-3 radio
Sanwa ERG VR sevo
IP 5200mah 45C saddle pack
HW Ezrun V2.1 & Team Powers 10.5T motor

As  you can see, my equipment is mid range, and his was much higher range than mine, but i still manage to put up a very good fight and even over taking him a few times, with his car losing control a few times, but mine never lost control, eventhough my tyres were already showing therads by the last lap, and his wasnt.
Just look at this video and see for yourself
My kawada is the white Protoform Mazda 6.

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