Thursday, 14 April 2011

Keeping an old car running

Ok , for all you guys who want to keep an old faithful running, its possible, you need to make some parts, or get some from other cars to fit. Here are some interesting facts.
1. Did you know the TOP photon 46mm bones can be used in the Kawada? Thanks to mr Joe O Connor who told me that, unfortunately i had to design my own diff cups because the 46mm bones werent long enough. i had to extend the diff cups by 2mm each side, and i also enlarged the slot from 2.1mm to 4mm to accept the wear yokes, to prevent wear on the diff cups.

2. DID you know that Tamiya and TOP CVD parts are completely interchangable ? Yes its true, i tried Tamiya 46mm aluminium bones on the rest of the pieces of the TOP CVD and it fits ! i bought 4 Tamiya aluminium bones to use only for racing to lighten up the drive.

3. Did you know that you can loop your own belts and they work just as well as the originals? For Kawada rear belt, ask the belt shop to loop a S3M 171mm belt, 3mm wide. For the front, its S3M 516mm, 3 mm wide.

4. For the layshaft pulleys, its possible to use other brands of 16T pulleys, but you need to machine the pin slot to go all the way through, i havent tried these yet cause i got enough pulleys.

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