Saturday, 19 November 2011

Last Round of MNC for 2011

i joined the 4th rouund at glenmarie last month got quite a good placing, the cars especially solid in the first heat where i was blasting past half of the field in my heat grouping, it was immsensly satisfying driving a car people said couldnt be raced and overtaking many of the newer cars.
At the end ended up qualifing last in B main.
Learned quite a few new things after that on suspension setup, and i used that knowlegde to test out my car at Klang Track. The car is even more easier to drive fast and has more steering now. i am even more confident of joining the last MNC race this time. Look at this video below to see how well my Kawada performs.

my new setup

Rear end, Old Yokomo white springs circa 2000, shoucks mounted on inner hole of arm, on middle hole of shock tower, antiroll bar medium. Camber -1.5, piston 2 hole, 30WT oil, ride height 5.5mm, droop 3mm. The car has now more rear roll becuase the shock mounting shifted to inner hole on arm. Its easier to drive then in MNC round 4. i think i can beat the sole serpent S411 in the coming race with my Kawada with this easy to drive setup. The car just rails throught the corner without losing rear grip now even until the tyres wear down. Now thats consistency !

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