Friday, 23 March 2012

What Happened to me?

Well those of you who follow the blog will wonder what happened since november that i have not posted anyhting at all? Well in preparation for the final round of MNC, my Hobbywing V2.1 ESC decided to give way. it would not respond at all. i Got so dissapointed and having not enough cash, i went to my optima mid for rc fun. I only sent the ESC for repair in early february, and until now i still have not got any replies from HW. But its ok, i heard lots of horror stories about HW servicing, some people never get their ESC back. But its sitting here being useless, might as well i try to repair it. If it still doesnt caome back in amonth i will buy an ORCA ESC with better local support. I had lots of fun with my optima mid these past few months and learnt some things that i can transfer to the kawada. will let you all know what are those things soon.

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