Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to reduce maintenance on your Kawada Alcyon or other touring cars

Everytime you run your car especially outdoors, there is a lot of tyre dust generated and sand will also stick on  your moving parts especially the rear.
You rear ball diff will get gritty by the second or third pack, and your rear shocks will have its oil contaminated. Just have a look at your rear shocks shafts after every run. Notice all the black tyre dust sticking to it? Here are a few tips to extend our time of maintenace so that you dont have to take apart the car so often.
1. Use ceramic diff balls. Buy ACER racing ones, they are really good. The Alcyon uses 1/8" diff balls. I use schumacher diff grease as they are better than associateds.
2. Cover your diffs. Kawada makes foam covers for your ball diffs. if you can get them, buy them. I think the part number is SK-27? If you cant get them , buy some thin sticker sheets from car acccesory shops. then cut into a circle to fit on your ball diff pulley sides. a middle hole must be cut to allow the diff outdrives to go through. Now you have stopped dirt from getting into your main diff balls.
3. Get some dishwashing sponge. Cut a small block piece, and stuff it into the hole where the thrust bearings is housed. if the sponge is too big, trim it some more. Ideally it should cover the access for the thrust bearing screw. This will seal off your thrust bearings from dirt and keep your diff feeling smooth for at least 10 packs. so far i have run my car 3 packs and they are still as smooth as the day i cleaned them. Compare this when it was withouth this sponge, after 2 packs the diff is gritty.
4. Coat you shock shaft with associateds green slime. Do not place them on your o rings as this will cause your shocks to stick and jam up. When rebuilding your shocks, put very little green slime on the shcok shaft then slide them into the oring. They should move smoothly. Next put in your shock oil. Tyr moving your shock shaft again. if they are smooth, continue with the rest of the process. If not drain the oil and remove the green slime. try putting less green slime or put then only on the outside of the shock shaft, after you pushed them through the o ring.
5. Buy ceramic bearings for your car. i use ROCHE ceramic bearings that were for the Tamiya TRF416. they fit perfectly and are cheaper than other brands. They remain smooth longer and the teflon seal keeps out dirt much better than metal seal.
Just buy doing these few simple steps, you have cut down your maintenace time tremendously.

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