Monday, 2 April 2012

Need Belts Alcyon Fans?

So you stripped your belts for your Kawada Alcyon. Don't fret. There are current car belts that will fit.

1. Front belt - S3M 516, which means 3mm pitch 172 tooth. You can use the Yokomo BD-5 front belt which is also 516mm long. Make sure you buy the low friction version. Do not use the TRF416 front belt. Its marked 516 also, but seems like a tooth longer. The HPI RS4 Pro2 front belt is a direct fit also, if you can find one.

2. Rear belt S3M - 171 which means 3mm pitch 57 tooth. Use Sakura Zero rear belt, also 171mm. Part number SAK-12, which is low friction.

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