Saturday, 5 May 2012

Running at 1400gms - Shorty Packs !

I finally got to test the shorty packs yesterday. Went up against my friends 2006 HB cyclone, who also had a 4000mah ORCA pack that was 3 years old. He had some turbo on his ORCA Vritra ESC, and my VX had zero timing. But it was obvious my new batteries gave me an advantage over him as my top speed was faster than his. However the car was twitchy , and tended to slide the rear end around if i braked hard or let go of the throttle. The funny thing is the kawada seems to be faster this way, by drifting a little bit in the turns, i was able to outcorner my pals Cyclone. However it was rather risky to drive and i would think it would be very difficult to drive when the wather is very hot. So after the pack is finished, i checked the car and found the front diff a little too smooth, the tightness seem to be same as the rear diffs. I was thinking like "shit i drove 45 km from Kuala Lumpur to klang and now i have to change springgs and setup again". I thought perhaps the springs i used were too soft and i over compensated. I decided to tighten the front diff much more, and tested with another shorty pack. The car now is on rails. Phew, no need to change springs. It felt completely locked on but i did lose a bit of steering, but its ok becuase i can place it very precisely. I was still easily hounding my pals Cyclone. I can see why the car is so good now.
1. The car now weighs 100g less than its previous 1500g weight. So now it changes directions quicker, accelerates quicker and has more top speed and uses less batteries. All thanks to the shorty packs !
I do not feel a accelration lag like before, and its up to par and even able to out accelrate my pals Cyclone !
2. The ORCA VX ESC is really better too, i guess it must given me a bit more speed. it certainly felt better than my Speed Passion GT1.1 ESC.

Afetr about 6 packs, i borrowed 1 of my new shorty packs to my friend, and he placed it in his cyclone. We ran with the same batteries, and this time he had a noticably higher top speed than my Kawada, becuase his ESC had a little turbo. However, in the corners, my  Alcyon still cornered better and i was always able to hit the Cyclone in the corners, and if the oppurtunity arises, over take it, only in the corners though. If i had my ORCA program card, and could on the turbo, then i would be able to over take the cyclone everywhere.
The shorty packs do dump earlier, but since racing is only for 5 mins, they definitely are able to power the car beyond that time limit at high speeds. So i will be sticking with shorty packs from now onwards !
Overall view of SV-10 Alcyon II Ultimate

See how narow the shorty pack is

The space between the battery and the servo is big

Receiver had to be placed next to the new ORCA VX ESC to balance the car properly. The VX is smaller and ligter (78g) than most turbo ESC on the market.

Look how narrow is the battery

Front shock Yokomo Whites from Y2000 for the MR-4TC. Shock oil 50WT, 2 hole pistons .Shock length 64.5mm. Outer most hole on shock tower.Antiroll bar medium. Notice the transponder at the front, its mounted on a 3 5g block of weights.

Rear , springs Tamiya M chassis Yellow, Oil 30WT, Piston 2 holes. Upper mount in middle hole, mounted on inner hole on arm. Antiroll bar medium.

The space between the top of the shorty pack and the top deck.

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