Sunday, 10 June 2012

Taken for a RIDE --twice !

In 2001, Thomas Tan told me to try RIDE tyres for touring. Suffice to say it did not grip well at all. Fast forward 2012. The new RIDE re36 compound tyres are out and met a few drivers/ racers who swear by them. The new tyres are also cheaper than sorex. So i tried a set, and glued them to HUDY rims with RIDE yellow inserts. The tyres do look kinda odd in that they are thicker than sorex. I was kind of in doubt if they could grip. They also lack the shiny sticky look on them. They are also 2.5g heavier than sorex tyres.
I tried them on Kota Raja track ,and my friend Ong with his HB cyclone was using new Sorex 36r. The first run the tyres felt kinda ok. But i cant quite place like wrong with it. Firstly i couldnt catch up to Ongs car at ALL. Even though i had boost and turbo i was left far behind. Also the car seemed easier to flip in the corners. After a few minutes , every time i jab the gas coming out from a slow corner, the car's rear end spun out. It never went exactly where i wanted it to go. I thought maybe my mazda 6 body was too low so i raised it for the 2nd pack. It was the same thing again. So Ong borrowed me his tyres and he used my RIDEs. The results were stunning, now he couldnt catch up to my Kawada at ALL. he was left far behind. With the SOREX i was able to put the power down 100%. Every slow corner i punched on the gas the car shot off where i wanted it to go. No more RIDE tyres for me. Being taken for a RIDE twice is enough.
Here are some pics before i tumbled the car with the new RIDE tyres.

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