Saturday, 21 June 2014

Driving the SV-10 Alcyon 3...a second opinion

My friend bryan tan was with me last night among osa and nenas. Bryan was having some handling problems with his vbc wildfire. I tried it out and found his car understeered . I asked bryan to drive my kawada. He exclaimed how much steering it had while still being rear end stable. He kept exclaiming that it was so easy to drive. At the pits he gave me his report of how my kawada handled. He said you can have as much steering as you want. The choice is given to the driver unlike his vbc. If you want more steering just turn the wheel on the transmiter. The car drives the way the driver wants it to..not the way the car wants to drive. He says the feeling of a lot if steering occurs at 70% wheel travel. I was really happy at his opinion.

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