Sunday, 22 June 2014

List of modifications and hop ups on my SV-10 Alcyon II

Ok, you may be curious on the total list of hop ups and modifications thus far to transform my Kawada SV-10 II EX into the SV-10 III.
Here is the complete list.

1. Kawada Sigma Arms SY-08. Same dimensions as Alcyon II arms, but with extra shock mounting hole for rear arm, and arms has holes for droop screws.
2. Kawada Sigma shocks , threaded shock bodies.
3. Tamiya TRF417 Geardiff unit II. Front filled with ride putty, rear with #900 oil. O rings are orange 5mm from o ring shop to prevent leaking.
4. Front Tamiya 44mm DCJ shafts.
5. Rear Tamiya 44mm CVDs.
6. 3racing 17T top pulleys. One pulley has been machined to shorten the hub and add a slot for 2mm pin.
7. Custom machined top layshaft from ASSAB 705. Has one pin hole for 2mm standard pin for the new pulley, and one more area with flats to tighten one 17T pulley grub screws.
8. Custom lower graphite chassis plate 2.4mm cut by fibrelyte. This chassis is designed with the narrowest possible width of 70mm , wider area at arms so that droop screws can be used, and also VBC floating servo mount holes for symmetric flex.
9. VBC D05 floating servo mount.
10. Kawada SX-52 anti roll bar kit, used medium roll bars.
11. Custom designed rear shock tower with 30 mounting positions.
12. Blue alloy china drift car front body posts mounted on bumper.
13. TRF 416 rear belt. S3M 174
14. Bando front belt S3M 519
15. Complete set of TRF416 roche ceramic bearings.
16. Titanium screws for 90% of screws.

If you need any drawings for the custom parts I designed I am willing to send it to you.

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