Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Alcyon II New Layshaft pulleys

I have now installed new 17T pulleys as opposed to the original 16T pulleys. This is to bring the internal ratio down closer to today's cars. The original ratio was 36/16 = 2.25.
Now its 37/17 = 2.1764. Next time after the belts and small pulleys wear out, i will change to 18T pulleys to give a ratio of 37/18=2.0555.
For now the front and rear belt remains at S3M 519 and S3M174 respectively. Both belts are a little tighter than before especially the rear, so i removed the rear belt tensioner.
The ratio now can go lower which is better for 10.5T and higher turn motors.
I surmise i will have to add 1 tooth to the front and rear belts if i were to change to 18T layshaft pulleys.
Tested the car, and the ratio works great, no durability issues. The SV-10 II handled well again.

Rear belt, 17T Eagle Racing alloy pulley for the StreetJam OTA-R31, and front belt, 17T generic 3racing pulley with grub screw.  I had to machine step on the shaft to fit the 3racing pulleys for tightening the grub screw.

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