Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Return of the SV-10 Alcyon

Allright, i know i have been neglecting old faithful these past few years since discovering the awesomeness of the Alcyon II Ultimate. My friend OSA has resurrected his Old X Ray T1 Evo2 with a EZrun 9T brushless combo, and my friend EK is using that same combo in his standard SV-10 II. So now i joined the club with a EZrun 9T sensorless combo. Its dirt cheap, reliable and respectably fast for little money. It also is very light and balances my old Sv-10 perfectly left to right.
Did some in house testing and the drive train is super smooth as always. I can't wait to get this SV-10 in a battle against the T1. This was the car that netted me four no1. wins in cost controlled racing in 2001, and in late 2004 a first place finish in a 23T race on the rooftop of the now demolished Atria, against a field of T1 FK, barracuda R2's TB Evo II's and yokomo SD's.
tested the car a week ago, Jan 13, and found the car to be very quick and efficient, and also corners very well without losing control. It is faster and more nimble than my friends Xray T1 with front gear diff.
Clear View of the EZrun 9T sensorless ESC + Motor Combo

Rear suspension with Alcyon II limited shock tower, and Alcyon II rear hub
Front suspension with Alcyon II limited shock tower, and 5 degree alloy C hub, and Alcyon II arm.

Spur side, somehow i always like the look of the pulleys on the layshaft above the motor.
Overall View


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