Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mid 2001, Yokomo drivers tries to retrofit Kawada pulleys...

In 2001, the year of my winning streak with the SV-10 Alcyon, after the pulley counting incident i went to Thomas Tan to buy some Rc Supplies, and he said he heard about the pulley incident and he had smug look on his face, he was happy one of his team members and one of his cars beat the heck out of everybody.
But that wanst the end, he said, not long after, OCY who was a sponsored yokomo driver along with Tom Tan came over to his shop and asked to test the Kawada pulley on their Mr4TC Sp. But too bad it couldnt fit with their diff parts. That proves that they knew how efficient the Kawadas belt drive was, but they didnt want to openly admit it ! It really put a smile on my face !

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