Friday, 25 February 2011

SV-10 Alcyon II Ultimate

This is the last production model of the Alcyon II called the Alcyon II Ultimate, it was first released in december 2001 as a conversion kit, called the ALcyon II Conversion, as you can see in the first photo. The Alcyon II Ultimate is a complete kit released in late 2002, it only ran for a few months before being superseded by the SV-10 Sigma.
I dare say its the best version of the Alcyon II to date. Here are some of the improvements done on this car over the standard Alcyon II.
1. New stick pack only chassis, more narrow than before. To me this isnt a complete improvement, i always beleive saddle packs are better, but becuase at the time, Japanese rules specify stick pack, Kawada had to go this way. I still use the original saddle pack chassis. But anyway, the new chasssis places the servo in a flipped direction, and the ESC can be placed more forward, as well as the battery. Now the car has 50-50 Front Rear balance !
2. New VOLT decks, that are not joined all the way from front to back, instead, they are seperate front and rear pieces, the rear is to hold the rear bulkhead to the upper deck, and the front is to prevent the steering bridge from rotating. This now gives the car more flex and more traction. It also helps to drastically reduce the chassis tendency to tweak in a crash, and i can swear to that !
3. New Shock towers and rear hub carriers. The rear shock towers places the inner camberlink close to center and very high up, while the rear hub carriers are lengthened upwards and the ball stud placed vertically, this is to get the longest possible camber links for the rear, to give more traction. becuase of this, the shocks can now be placed almost vertically, or horizantally, depending on the owner.
4. New front shock towers and new 5 degree c hubs. The new shock tower allows the owner to set the shocks very straight or very horizontal or anyhting in between. The new hub carrier doesnt have the little nub on it to screw the camber link horizontally, it now places the camber link directly over the kingpin, ensuring the longest possible front camber link, giving more grip and steering.
5. The front body post is mounted on the bumper and no longer on the shock towers, also the body post   is made of aluminium.

Thats all the new features, but still no threaded shock bodies? still no droop screws in the arms? Nope..


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