Thursday, 24 February 2011

The SV-10 Alcyon 2004.

At one of the races at HH, Leonard Kee was there, he saw i was still driving the original Alcyon, and asked me if i would be interested in buying a used Alcyon2 with some hop ups, he wanted Rm450. The next time i saw him, he brought the car, i was immediately amazed by its looks. Before that in 2001 i was in contact with an American who works with boeing in seattle, his name was Ted Schultz. He too drove a sv-10 alcyon and was very amazed by its super efficient drive train, at the time the alcyon 2 came out and he kept saying how much better it handled than the original, he highly recomended me to get one. But being the poor man i am , i stuck with the first. Well this time was my chance to get it from Leonard Kee, which i would describe as a "very british sounding chap"...Leonard gave me the manuals as well as the SX-150 big capacity one way ! He also told me that the car belonged to a sponsored driver in singapore in 2001, and the last race it was in was on carpet.
it was really cool looking, immediately i saw how different, and similar it was to the original. It had a much narrower chassis, it still had the twin VOLT decks, but also had a normal upper deck with it, which makes the chassis have no flex at all. it also had its own seperate motor mount, and the shocks could be stood up more than the first gen alcyon. It also had the rear toe in block. Keep in mind in 2004, the Alcyon 2 was already obsolete, and replaced by the SV-10 Sigma single belt car since January 2003 !
i took the Alcyon 2 home and removed all my gear from my alcyon and tested the car. It was such a dissapointment, it was impossible to drive kept sliding everywhere, i thought it was because the chassis was too stiff. I tried it at titiwangsa track and the results were the same, it slid everywhere and as soon as i punched the throttle, the wheels would spin. Without proper control i hit a GP car and broke my front shock tower. I was so dissapointed and went back to my alcyon. I also went to HPC to order a front shock tower for the broken one on the Alcyon 2, replaced it and kept the car aside. i wondered why Kawada made such an inferior car, not like the first one, but i was proven wrong much later...

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