Thursday, 24 February 2011

The SV-10 Alcyon II

The Sv-10 Alcyon II was created somewhere in 1999, to fix all the problems the Sv-10 Alcyon had. and it was finally released in March 2000.
As you can see in this advert from a japanese magazine, the new features of the Alcyon II were touted as New Item, and asks you to look !
1. Long suspension arm. Finally the outer hingepin is in the wheel ! like other cars have, namely the HPI RS4 Pro2, Tamiya TRF 414...Now the car will have more traction. Also notice becuase the hingepin is inside the wheel, the shocks can be stood up much straighter than before. Also the inner upperlink mount is moved inwards, for longer upper link.
2.  3D Motor Holding system, not very useful, the car can deifinitely run without it.
3. Rear long suspension arm, again the outer hingepin is in the wheel, and notice the new hub carriers, whcih has 4 holes for the upper link and lower hingepin mounting. becuase of this, the upper camberlink is also much longer than the first Alcyon. Also notice how stood up the rear shocks are.
4. The alloy motor mount. This feature not only keeps the motor cooler, but also becuase the mount is spaced 10mm outwards, the motor is now completely in the center of the car , like in the TRF414 and the RS4 Pro2. Not only that, but the motors torque did not affect chassis flex anymore.
5. The main feature of the new monocock chassis, is still the 2 VOLT upper decks, and an addtional conventional top deck like other TCs. not only that, Kawada narrowed the chassis down by 20mm, bringing the saddle packs closer to the center, only 10mm apart from each other. Kawada also gave the B-20 quick release stick pack battery holder if the owner wanted to use stick packs. This new chassis also moved the cells 5mm closer to the front. The weight distribution is now 53% rear, unlike 55% rear for the original Alcyon.

But the funny thing is Kawada now gives plastic bulkheads for the car.. the reason? the car is wayy too heavy now! almost 100g more, thanks to the extra upper deck, and the extra standoff near the motor, the new motor mount..all add to the weight.
Also the chassis now has no flex at all, could it affect traction?
Well according to Mr Ted Schultz from washington D.C the Alcyon II handles much better than the Alcyon.
Also on rctech forums, other people have said similar things, like imaquito from JB in malaysia said "The Alcyon has to be driven hard and the shocks must be laid down to the max, it go only go so fast and no faster, but the Alcyon II cannot be driven hard, keep your temptation to push hard in check, and you will be wayyy faster" i quote him. He also said he felt the Alcyon II was faster than his TRF 414M, and he didnt know why. He was right !
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