Monday, 21 February 2011

Why The SV-10 Alcyon?

Hmm, good question. First of, i am from Malaysia, and been into EP Radio Control since 1990. My first car was a very beat up tamiya boomerang which was missing its front gearbox internals. A year later i shared with my brother to buy a very used Kyosho Optima Mid, i loved that car bashed on it for years until 1997. Being a student at the time, i didnt have much money so used stuff for very long before changing. It also forced me to be more creative to find fixes for various problems.
In 1997, i started to work full time, so i had a little more money ,not much but more. Then, touring cars were taking off, and buggies were dying a slow death. Since there were tamiya races and i thought they were cheaper (how wrong i was proven, anyone could hop up those cars like mad and spend tons of $$$). i bought a Tamiya TA02 castrol celica. it was my first touring car and it was great, but came with bushings. Joined many races, kept trying and trying, upgraded the car to what i could afford (bearings, anti roll bars) but still not competitive with it. Then came the TA03 in 1999, i bought a used one and became a little better still joining the tamiya sanctioned races. At the time, i always thought the tamiya cars then were oddly designed, causing excessive weight and high complexity, like the TA03s belt and gear drive.
i openly admired the other brands TCs like the Kyosho Tf-2s, HPI RS4 Pro, Yokomo YR-4M,Ofna Z-10, Xpress Pro, with their saddle pack layouts, graphite chassis, and super efficient lightweight belt drives. To me they looked very similar to the Kyosho Lazer ZX,Yokomo Yz-10 and the Schumacher Boss Cat, all pro cars.
I saw with my own eyes, Mr Wong Su Wei, who at the time didnt own TP racing yet, came with a RS4 Pro and dragged race against my buddies TA02 pro. All our jaws dropped when we saw how easily the RS4 Pro overtook the TA02 pro, it was effortless. Since then i wanted to get one of those twin belt, saddle pack, motor in the center, spur shaft above the motor cars. to me those were the Pro cars. But money was a problem. It was 1999. At the time, Thomas Tan, my new regular Hobby Shop propeiter was pushing the FSR bullet. I didnt have the money yet so i just held off longer. Its then early 2000, my birthday was coming up soon on march 11th.
By that time, thomas already abandoned the FSR bullet and was bringing in a new car, the Kawada Sv-10 Alcyon. he had strong team and as i always hanged around with them , i did begin to see how similar it is to my dream car the RS-4 pro.
Then came my birthday and i had a bonus from my employment with Cheng Hua Engineering Works. I decided to buy the Kawada Alcyon, since my TA03 was giving me a lot of grief in the handling and runtime department as well as needing a lot of hop ups.
So i bought the new Kit and took it home with me.I paid Rm980 for it. It was my first twin belt pro graphite chassis touring car, so you could imagine my excitement. I built the car till way late at night, and it went together easily.
Then i placed all the electronics in and trimmed the car. How did it drive ? thats for the next post...
Suffice to say, if it could move me to create a blogspot about it, it must have been something really special ...The last car  that really moved me was the Kyosho Optima Mid..

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