Tuesday, 22 February 2011

October 1998 Japanese Ad for the SV-10 ALCYON

The Features Advertised in the pics from left to right :
1. The V.O.L.T chassis, Vertical Over-arch Ladder Twin chassis.
2. The EZ skid adjust system, suspensions arm kick up can be adjusted front and rear.
3. The FD floating disc ball differential, basically a ball diff that uses a special spring washer to press the ball diff rings only at the balls area.
4. Twin belt large drive pulley, the largest pulleys of the time, 16-36T allowing the belt to be set very loose and have the best efficiency.
5. Centered steering bellcrank, this is a good feature, that Xray copied it in 2001 on their T1 !
6. Stick or saddle pack holders included.

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