Friday, 25 February 2011

The SV-10 Alcyon II Limited Edition, january 2001

The Alcyon II limited edition is basically the Alcyon II with lots of hop ups. The list of hop ups are :
1.SX-40L Lightweight duralumin front bulkhead
2. SX-52 Alcyon II Stabilizer set (Soft medium Hard)
3. SVA-20 Aluminium CVDs
4. SX-58 5 Degree Alloy C Hubs
5. SV-56 Alloy Spur gear holder
6. SX-104 high traction shock stay front (allows shcoks to be placed even more upright)
7. SX-01S Special stick pack only Alcyon II graphit chassis.
8. SX-41L Lighweight rear duralumin bulkhead (also placed the rear hingepins at the same level as the fronts)
9. SX-150  Big Capacity one way
10. SX-57 Alloy front knuckles
11.  SV-54 alloy mount collars
12. SV-60 16T Fixed aluminium pulley
13. SX-105 High Traction rear shock stay (allows rear shocks to be placed even more upright)
Also note the wheels included are the original Alcyons wheels, i love those wheels !

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